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House Layout – You’re coming to the right place. Home is your final destination after a long busy day; why not comfort ourselves in a loving desired house? Any one has their own dream for a perfect living place, we believe you’ve got yours too. Don’t leave them just a dream, let’s make it come true together.

Our professional designers

We have a team of designers with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained by working on different projects both locally and internationally. We can work on different styles to fit your preferences: modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, minimalist, scandinavian, traditional, transitional, bohemian, rustic, etc – we got all under cover

Tailored to your preference

How big is your room? How many stories do you desire? What’s your favorite color scheme? All our designs are specifically tailored to what you have and what you wish for; because we know a house can reflect its owner’s lifestyle and personality. Living in your house means living with who you are!

Best price staying on budget

We understand that sometimes it’s too costly to hire a private architect to design your house. That’s why we provide a huge inventory of house plans you can choose from to save the money. With House Layout – you’ll get what you want at a much lower price.

GET YOUR HOUSE PLAN SETS With the best price

All of the plans for your house will be drawn in details to deliver necessary information needed for the building of your dream house. More importantly, you can get all the high-quality drawings. Let’s discover what is included in your plan sets

Foundation Plan

You will find the general design of the foundation in this plan. It will show the location and size of footings, piers, columns, foundation walls and supporting beams. Depending on the type of desired foundation, further examination will be conducted to determine the type of exterior walls (i.e 4’’, 8’, etc) and anticipate the need for stepped footings, retaining walls and any problems related to the grade of the land.

Floor Plans

The floor plans with scale sizes will display the positions of your room, pieces of equipment, windows, doors and furniture viewed from above. This is a way to visualize how you will organize and move through the space and decide if the space fits your intended purpose. Our plans will demonstrate in details the dimension lines, scales, room types and items inside as well.

Roof Plan

This sheet will show the proposed development of your roof. The dimension of the entire roof structure for your house will contain the shapes, size, design and placement of all materials such as ventilation, drainage, slopes, valleys and more.

Exterior Elevation Plan

This plan sheet is a two-dimensional drawing that shows what each side of your house looks like from the outside. It will provide you and the contractor with key information about the heights – overall roof height, windows, doors, decks, etc.

Building Section

With this drawing, the view of your house’s structure will be presented in a way that it looks like being cut and sliced in half along an imaginary plane. Normally it will show the cut by a horizontal plane rather than a vertical one to show the details accordingly. You can see the distance from ground to the roof as well.

Electrical Plans

The electrical plans will display the positions of all electrical apparatus before the physical installation of them. It will provide information about the power, lightning, location of switches and outlets, and the interconnection of appliances.

Construction Notes and Details

This sheet will contain the foundation, exterior and interior walls, floors and other sections in details

Three Amazing Floor Plans – One Great Price!

2D Floor Plan

Top-notch 2D Floor Plans total with room names, estimations, and with or without furniture.

3D Floor Plan

Wonderful 3D Floor Plans with full-shading rendering and dazzling subtleties.

Live 3D Floor Plan

Get a virtual walkthrough in Live 3D! Simple to step inside for a cool, intuitive experience.

Our Floor Plans Are Perfect For

  • Real estate
  • Inside Design
  • Home Design
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Appraisals
  • Vitality Appraisals
  • Office Layouts
  • Property Management
  • Building Permits

What do customers say about us?

My house needs to be open spacing. My husband and I can talk to each other while one is in living room and the other preparing dinner in the kitchen. I don’t like too many walls in between that stop my sight. Your design is brilliant! Totally love it.

Julie M. R. – From San Francisco

“Minimalism is my style and I got what I want. An open living room in brown and white, what a great idea for simple but modern space. Highly recommend”

Jay F. – From Boston

“My experience with your site was fabulous. Every idea coming up was all great, it challenged me a bit to choose from the options. I recommended to my niece, she’ll come to you someday”

Marry L. – From Leicester

How to get your dream house with 1 click?


Round out the frame and determine what you need. Attempt to be definite and exact


Your budgetary data is made sure about with Paypal – the biggest and most dependable passage


Our planner will begin on it and convey the plans as quickly as time permits

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